Friday, September 4, 2015

Seafood Chowder and Crudo in the Heart of San Francisco

On a work trip to Silicon Valley my colleagues and I took a detour to San Francisco to try a Seafood Chowder that we heard rave reviews about. We went to a tiny place in the NOPA area called Bar Crudo - started with some apps of Crudo  salmon, butterfish and scallops. The scallops were perfectly sweet and the butterfish tasted like Turkey in an oddly pleasant way. 

The main course was a big bowl of chunky, silky, creamy seafood chowder. It was sweet and spicy and had lots of surprises including chunks of clams, squid, octopus, potato, and other lovely sea creatures. It was elegant meets rustic  and a great way to experience a little San Fran on the work trip. 

PS: we stopped at the actual TV hit series Full House "house."  Whatever happened to predictability....,