Sunday, March 16, 2014

Celebrating Purim with Hamantachen

I made the most fabulous Hamantaschen and they might be the best I ever made! 

I must give credit to the Shiksa in the Kitchen:

I used her non - dairy dough recipe. The first batch was a little sticky but the second batch was perfect. Not sure if I mis-measured the flour the first time, but if it is sticky add flour, if dry add a little water. 

Her non-dairy (she uses oil) dough and folding technique was perfect. Her batch makes 35 cookies but mine made about 20-25. I also baked mine 14-15 minutes as I like them a little crunchy and a little soft vs. her longer cooking time. 

I didn't make my own filling but I used prune butter (lekvar) found in the jewish section of ethic foods at the grocery. I also used Solo apricot cake and pastry filling for some of them. 

Delicious! Drove around delivering them to friends today. Happy Purim!!!

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